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Design A Corporate Website for Only ₦24,999

Yes, With Fastclick Technologies Limited, You Can Set Up A Website for as low as ₦24,999. The only setback is the fact that we won't be installing any unique applications other than a search button. This is not a limitation per say, you can always upgrade when the time is right. Websites that do well are websites that have the ability to update themselves via the activities of users.

Illustration: Let's just say you decide to create a classifieds website where people can post adverts for their respective businesses and they only need to create a free account to make that happen. You only need to actively promote your website for a while before your clients start to bring in all the traffic that you need to sustain your website and start making money as well.

The idea of a classifieds ads engine consist of a special application that we can't offer to you in this ₦24,999 Website Deal.


  1. Unlimited Blog Pages
  2. Contact Form
  3. Hompage Slider
  4.  .Com Domain Only
  5. Texts & Pictures Only
  6. Blog/Update Page
  7.  20 Static Pages
  8. Google Analytics
  9. Search Engine Optimization
  10. Site Security (Free SSL)
  11. Free Sitemap Generator



Our Mission Statement

We aim to become the Most Reliable and Cheapest Web Development Firm within and outside the shores of Nigeria.

Our aim is not to give you the best of designs without a headway in the online business world but to ensure that you startup on your feet running with the speed of light towards achieving your set goals and objectives within record time.

We cover all aces; Website Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Marketing. Would You Not Rather Set Your Foot Online with Us?