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Fastclick Technologies Limited

IF You Can Imagine It, We Can Set It UP!

Random Thoughts Important Science Power Of Positivity

Thoughts from Mr. Segun Abiodun

It is an aberrationn of the highest order for a nation's public servants to wield the kind of unrestrained liberty and power as seen in Nigeria's Public Service. The unrestrained liberty to legally appropriate mind numbing wages to themselves is the root cause and the sustainer of the corruption culture in Nigeria. Politics is now the most lucrative full tíme business in the country.

Anthony Joshua

So you actually believe that Anthony Joshua was wrong in asking that black people come together to build their businesses and also patronize their own businesses?

So you actually believe that Anthony Joshua was wrong in asking that black people come together to build their businesses and also patronise their own businesses? Wow! Wow! Wow! Why don't you just come to terms and simply admit your mortal fears. Yes, the fears of coming together as one people . The fears of unity of purpose.

Givers Change Their World

Who knows maybe I would have become one more beast the world had to deal with. He saved me and also taught me how to fish

The trip to the oldman's office was upward, both literaly and esthetically. It was only a one story building but fitted with a lift for the convinience of Alagba Kola Fajimi. The top floor, just like the one below was exquisite. A magnificient suite with flooring fitted with well polished marble tiles, impeccable white walls, padded leather and impresionist paintings. What struck him like lightning the very first time he got an invite to see oldman KF about twenty years earlier was the quiet, as if good taste swallowed noise.

Children Are Nobodys Property. You Are Just Previledge To Be Given The Oppotunity To Nurture A Couple Of Them

Children are nobody's property. We are just privileged with the Opportunity to nurture a couple of them

Have you ever thought about the possibility of you being responsible for just the physical body of your child and not the spiritual/emotional essence of that child? You could be the bridge to the physical body of that child. Chances are, sometimes you might not be the bridge to that spirit who dwells in that body. That person in that body might not have been attracted to that body because of you.

Africans Copy The Irrelevant Only

Only Africans steal from their poor and stash away in other Developed lands.

Caucasians are known adventurers who travel round the world in their quest for advancement. In their travels, they have stolen from everywhere and from everyone. They stole everything from architecture, artifacts scientific ideas, the good, the bad, the ugly and had remodified ẹverything to suit their fancy. In modern tímes, the stealing is still ongoing.



Our Mission Statement

We aim to become the Most Reliable and Cheapest Web Development Firm within and outside the shores of Nigeria.

Our aim is not to give you the best of designs without a headway in the online business world but to ensure that you startup on your feet running with the speed of light towards achieving your set goals and objectives within record time.

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